Welcome to Code Guide

This blog is an internal resource for use by Digital Vision EA. This tool is meant to be a guiding resource for web application development. Concept added here will be the default standard adopted by the team for developing projects.

The main categories of the guide will be:

  1. Setting up the web application
  2. Developing Templates
  3. Developing Modules
  4. Capturing Data
  5. Displaying Data – Search and Filtering
  6. Exporting Data
  7. Managing Security

This blog will a be an authority to dictate ‘How to’ and revisions will be made to this resource on a regular basis with the aims below:

  1. Ease of Use by the client
  2. Increasing performance of the web application
  3. Better utilization of available resources
  4. Security concerns

All content and works on this blog will remain the property of Digital Vision EA.