1. Project Finance

Project finance involves securing funding for a project against expected future cash inflows. We partner with our clients in designing and structuring appropriate finance for their specific projects.

We support our clients with regulatory guidance, market information and risk management.

The funding parameters, specific terms, timing, and costs will be based on the business analysis and strength of the project.

We deal in projects in various sectors of the economy including but not exclusive to the following:

  1. Infrastructure

We raise capital for projects in power generation and transmission, water and sewerage, transportation and telecommunication, hotels, hospitals, schools and housing.

  1. Real Estate and Property development

As Kenya develops and population increases, the need for more property is building pressure on the property and real estate market. Under vision 2030, Kenya wants to be a regional economic hub.

This means that the demand for office space and residences will continue building up.

Those who invest now will realize handsome dividends in the near future.

We assist our clients in the real estate business in raising funds for:

  • Land acquisition
  • Land development
  • Funding operation costs
  • In-site infrastructure


  1. Manufacturing

The economic significance of manufacturing cannot be overstated. Manufacturing generates more economic activity per unit of dollar of production than any other business sector.

Manufacturing directly creates jobs across a range of skills levels, enabling people, especially the disadvantaged, to move from the informal work to formal employment with benefits such as more security, better pay and accessibility to financial services. Manufacturing creates opportunities across industry value chain by increasing demand for raw materials, energy, construction and technology from a broad array of supplying industries in the economy.

  1. Microfinance

Micro, small and medium enterprises are critical for the economic and social development of a country. They create jobs and generate income for the low income people. Yet, access to financial services for this important sector remains constrained.

Finance & Systems supports Microfinance enterprises that fund productive sectors in accessing funding to expand and support their customers’.

We also assist in building capacity for the microfinance institutions and raise awareness on best practices in Microfinance services.

2. Our Experience

Our officers have experience in structuring and executing some of the most remarkable corporate finance transactions in the region. Some of the transactions they have been involved include the following.

2.1  Completed projects

palm_ridge Deal Sourcing, structuring and Execution and Project finance 16,000
dew_ridge_limited Deal Sourcing, structuring and Execution and Project finance 12,000
 olkani_gardens Deal Sourcing, structuring and Execution and Project finance 4,000
Strawberry Feasibility study

2.2  Ongoing projects

Funding Partners are welcome

Proposed office block and Hotel apartments Project Finance;-Debt financing 18,000
Proposed office block and parking Project Finance;-Debt financing 81,000
Multi user Development Resort city Project Finance 153,000
Quarry Building Materials Factory Project Finance 20,000