Premium Content Database

Making use of the Premium Content Database

Welcome to the Premium Database POC. We have set up various links for demonstration purposes. To view the pages use the navigation on the left. The link at the bottom will take you to the Admin Backend interface.

This is a static demo showing the various processes using static HTML to show how we intent to capture various processes as provided in the RFP document. This demonstration is in no way final but a tip of the iceberg.

The rest of the Text Content should be considered as dummy placeholders. Updates will be made to this Proof of Concept as needs arise.

Downloading or saving any issue is not enabled for now but users can copy and share a link to any record in the archive. However, by using the print screen feature a user can obtain a screen grab of any portion of the content displayed on the screen, save and print it out.

Access to these records is provided by the National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya) and Google Inc. with the authority of the Clerk of the Kenya National Assembly and the technical support of Google Inc and The History Department of Virginia Tech. For the online archive of the Parliamentary Hansards, go to this link:


Disclaimer: This work is a Demo for Proof of Concept for Kenya Law. This template and its contents remain the property of Kenya Law and use and publication is only under authority by Kenya Law